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Todd Wong from Vancouver wrote on May 25. 2007:
Hi Marianne...
I love your music, especially "Into the Shimmering" and "If I Had Three Wishes"
Please let met know when you are performing next!
Cheers, Todd

Michael Hill from Canada wrote on January 15. 2007:
Hi Marianne... i left a message a couple of years ago (!)..
Good to hear you're continuing to perform. There's a chance I will
be out your neck of the woods and I'd REALLY like to see you play again.
It has been over 35 years....
Keep well

Leo Tomma from British Columbia wrote on December 26. 2006:
I'll keep checking your website, I may be interested in taking one of your shows next time I'm in Vancouver area.
Keep up the good work and best of all, keep on rockin'. Always - Leo

guillaume bertrand from repentigny wrote on November 25. 2006:
hey marianne i'm guillaume i'm really proud of your voice! i'd love to be in touch with you because i am a new big fan of you! so i heard you sang with meg tennant! thanks to email me on hearing from you would be so nice
guillaume bertrand

Big G from Nanaimo wrote on December 26. 2005:
Hi Marianne,
It was so great to meet you at the Boots & Roots show in Nanaimo. It was a great night of live music. Drop by the station next time you're in town.

Mark Dowding from Mars wrote on December 14. 2005:
Hey Marianne:
Thanks so much for all you did to help make our music video so special with your usual shenanigans. I'm really looking forward to seeing the video and posting it to our website. Have a wonderful Christmas!

micheal from canada wrote on November 16. 2005:
you are a gifted entertainer. i enjoyed your site immensely. may all your dreams
come true. i wish you joy and prosperity. peace.

Laurie Yeo AKA Perkins from Victoria wrote on September 9. 2005:
Hello my dear friend!!!!
Just a note to let you know that I love you
and am so very pleased to have you in my life.
It was not so long ago that we met at Smale's Pace.
Two young girls on a hot summer's night.
Young women with a lust for life and the West
Coast in our souls. Who knew then that our friendship
would last a lifetime. So many memories you and I.
You are an inspiration to me and I am blessed to have
you in my life. Your music shimmers my soul.
Laurie Yeo

Big G from Nanaimo wrote on August 26. 2005:
Just got turned on to your site buy Donna Konsorado. I'm a dj at a community based campus station in Nanaimo. I enjoyed the tour of the site.

David W. Grittani from Toronto/Tucson/Cincinnati wrote on July 9. 2005:
Dear Marianne:
I've been living in the U.S. for about fifteen years now and I'm afraid that I've lost touch with all but my immediate family. I assume that we are related but I'm not sure through whom. My folks (deceased) were Helen and Joseph Grittani-who are/were your parents? ...Dave G...

Tommy from Way down South in Seattle wrote on May 6. 2005:
Hi There MG! I'm not sure if I've ever signed so here is the first or the second. Thinking of you!

HECTOR GRITTANI from saludos wrote on January 9. 2005:
hola, solo se hablar ingles y un poco venezolano,quisiera
conocerte y contarte muchas cosas,sobre todo el apellido
grittani que no es comn, escribeme a mi correo, saludos.

Greg Macdonald from Bellingham, Washington wrote on December 21. 2004:

Hi, Marianne ~
It was good to talk to you today. I hope we can have a visit soon in '05. I'd like to buy a copy of your CD, but I'd like to do that in person. Let's keep in touch.
Best wishes,
Greg Macdonald

Susanne Vogt from Kassel in Germany wrote on October 13. 2004:
Dear Marianne,
I am so glad that we met in Amsterdam and that you came to Germany to visit and play music with me. The German audience enjoyed your performance so much, in Kassel as well as in Elgershausen. You have to come back and play and sing more over here.
But besides your success on german stages I wanted to let you know how deeply I feel related to you. It seems we knew each other for a long time, like twins of spirits with music, friends, travelling, gardening ... parallel lives.
Kisses and a big hug from your "german sister",

Mark Dowding from a town near you wrote on September 13. 2004:
Hi Marianne:
So good to play with you again under the Sorrento moon. Swing camp was awesome, wasn't it? Looking forward to next year at Chez Marianne's - the finest cuisine in camp!

Julia & Rick Valenti from the planet earth with love wrote on September 11. 2003:
We enjoyed reviewing your web site. Great Job. So sorry to hear of your loss.
I am confident we'll meet our loved ones on the other side.
Rick & Julia

greg simpson from london ontario wrote on August 22. 2003:
Hi Marianne,
Nice site. Long time no see. I'll bookmark this and next time I'm out west I'll check on where you're playing. You look great, by the way. Say hey to Roland and Jeannette when you see them.

Marianne Osiel from New York (by way of Nashville!) wrote on April 18. 2003:
Marianne: I just found your music while doing a search of "other Marianne's" in the CD Baby catalog (I just hooked up with them). So far have listened to your sample cuts and enjoyed them alot-- clearly you have been on a path of heart, that has delved into the deep and dark.... something I resonate deeply with.... Meanwhile, i want to let you know that I met Colleen (your friend) a few times in Nashville when we shared the mainstage at T.K.A.L.S. (Tennesseans Keeping Abortion Legal and Safe) and I found her to be not only a wonderful singer and writer, but a beautiful person. Didn't know she had passed away until I read it in The Bluebird Cafe book a month ago. I just want to say that I'm very sorry to hear this news, and that I know you cherish the memories you have of your times/love together. That's all. Write back if you want.... or Keep the path of heart--Namaste, Marianne

Michael Hill from Ivy, Ontario wrote on March 22. 2003:
Hi Marianne.......!
I heard you on the CBC recently talking about your new CD & life.
And then I remembered how you were sunshine in a time of dark & alienation
back at (aaaaarghh!) MCI. You probably don't remember me...
Like many others, I have been through many adventures, some
meaningful and some not, but always I find room for inner
growth & fulfillment.......anyway, enough about me, hey, congratulations on the release of your CD,
it is wonderful to know that you are out there shining your light
on the world. Hey, speaking of Django, did you see the brilliant film by Woody Allen
on the fictitious guitar virtuoso Emmett Ray? (Brilliantly
portrayed by the brilliant Sean Penn) I still
treasure recordings of Django with the Quintet of the Hot Club of France...
Oh, and it was wonderful to hear you were re-united with your daughter, despite
the painful circumstances. I, too have a daughter, Angela who is almost 13.
Haven't bought your CD yet. I'm in school (2 year shiatsu therapist course) and we don't have any "disposable income" !!
Great to hear you are spreading music and sunshine around.
Oh, check out my website for a free reiki treatment...(the reiki symbols on the Reiki page)
Take Care.....Michael

michal hasek from Bohemia wrote on March 7. 2003:
good to hear you at hughes room last night. Loved the jazz tune.

Alias Billy -G-III from Burlington wrote on February 5. 2003:
Pleasure checking out your site and
great meeting you at the Winterfolk Festival.
Fun to be on the "songwriting" A-team you lead to what
I'm sure we considered a winning song..
If you would like to drop by, have a Jam and record I-95
while you are still over here drop me a line.

Shelley Lennox from Vancouver wrote on December 29. 2002:
Hello Marianne,
I'd love to know when you are playing in Vancouver, so keep me posted. Best wishes for the New Year.

Sandy & Dave from Alpena, MI wrote on September 11. 2002:
Hi Marianne~~~
We met you at Rossport as you were having your dinner with Sonny on the beach and we were having our little ceremony. You offered us some blueberries, how very kind of you. We chatted but not nearly long enough. We bought your CD and must tell you that we LOVE it!!! You are an awesome singer and an even more awesome person. Meeting you just made our trip so much more meaningful. Good luck in all you do in your future. And please do another CD, we would buy it immediately.

Mark Dowding from Vancouver, BC wrote on July 24. 2002:
Hi Marianne!
Hope your summer is going well back in your old home, "Hogtown". Give your Mom my best wishes.
We all missed you and Janet very much at the 25th Vancouver Folk Fest last weekend, and the Mission FMF sure won't be the same without that delightful Italian bistro "Grittani's" gracing the campgrounds.
On the technoid side, notice the new web-crawler countermeasures I have just implemented in your guestbook. Down with spammers!
Ciao for nao, bambina!
The WindGod

Kapp from Canada wrote on July 4. 2002:
I've seen you twice now in Toronto and enjoyed your emotional connection to the music. It's great to see and hear music performed the way this gift from God was meant to be... free flowing, almost like a prayer. No wonder music expression is in Italian; "forte" has more depth than "loud".
Brava bella!
Viva Italia!
(and this comes from a guy with Scottish blood)

Melody Taylor-Scott from USA wrote on June 22. 2002:
I'm the Melody that lived up-stairs with Jake on Maitland St. (so long ago!) Glad to see you are on your way. Happy Trails!! Melody

Kyra Walker from Canada wrote on June 11. 2002:
Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know I visited your site and I will list you as playing in Kingston. I am also interested in doing a larger feature on you sometime. My mailing address is 300 Division St. Kingston for press pacs. Please let me know when you are playing in this area again. I would be happy to direct you to some possible gigs if you wish.
All the best.
Kyra Walker
Kingston This Week Newspaper Fridays edition

Tommy Smith from USA wrote on April 26. 2002:
Hi Again M/G. I know not why it has taken me so long to do this but so begins my first visit.
Another Sort Of Moonchild

Beth Johnson from Canada wrote on April 19. 2002:
Thanks for the email, Marianne. I'm one of the people who heard you in Tsawwassen. I'm looking forward to another performance in the lower mainland -- you're great!

Ian McLean from Canada wrote on April 16. 2002:
Hello there from a big fan in Toronto. The CD is GREAT. It's received heavy rotation in my home CD player, and goes great in "Shuffle mode" with Joni and Blue Rodeo. I'm really looking forward to your Southern Ontario tour dates. I'll check the website regularly.
Lotsa love,

Timothy Neesam from Canada wrote on April 15. 2002:
Marianne, my name is Timothy Neesam and I work in Toronto for the CBC. We were sent a copy of your CD and even as I sit here writing this note, we're listening to 'into the shimmering' (again.)
It's a great disc. Really great. The variety and quality of musicianship speaks for itself. All the very best to you.

Raymond Swennen from Belgium wrote on April 15. 2002:
Marianne Thank you so much for sending us your beautiful release. We have enjoyed listening to your beautiful strong songs and great music and we will give regular airplay to our radio show because you're damned good. Many thanks again.

Jose Bueno from Spain wrote on April 15. 2002:
Hello Marianne Thank you so much for you send me the CDs that I received without problems. Exquisite CD You sound great, and is perfect for the program, so please be sure that will be played. Is a pleasure for me introduce your wonderful album to my audience. all the best J.L.

FRASER FLEMING from Canada wrote on April 8. 2002:
Now that I've figured out how to get into your book I can leave a more appropriate message. Really enjoyed your performances last Friday evening and at Ironworks, your grace on stage is astounding and your songwriting blows me away. I just love that South bound Train song. Way to go.

michael leigh from Canada wrote on April 8. 2002:
what a glorious voice.... I had no idea.
so nice to run into you again, and a treat to finally hear you play. I am enjoying your cd which now has a permanent slot in the disc changer. The world is more beautiful with you in it.
love michael

Wilma DeVito from Canada wrote on April 8. 2002:
WOW. What a pleasure it was to hear you the other night. Stage presence up the yin yang and so, so sincere. I'm glad I'm on your mailing list otherwise I might've missed your show. Keep it up girl! The world needs artists like you to put things in perspective - and to make us smile and be grateful for life. You're the best.

Lora Bird from Canada wrote on March 24. 2002:
Hi Marianne,
Your new site is wonderful! I hope to see you again soon and hear you play. You have such a rich variety not just in your voice but in the many styles you play with. Mostly, I love the beauty of your heart and compassion and sense of unabashed joy!

Normand Laniel from Canada wrote on March 24. 2002:
Marianne, it's been a few days already and we are still thinking of you. Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated your participation in the trio medley with Beverly and Gerry. Thanks for bringing us into the Shimmering. Looking forward to hearing you again....Norm,
We are also: Christian and Patricia and Lorianne.
Thanks for being you.

Dixie from Canada wrote on March 23. 2002:
Hi Marianne -
Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your show last nite at the Vernon Art Gallery!!
I really loved the last song that you sang without music - the lyrics were so meaningful. Any chance of getting a copy of the lyrics? I would like to know when your next CD comes out, esp. if that song is going to be on it.
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.

Kat Wahamaa from Canada wrote on March 22. 2002:
Hey there gal!
Great show last night at Ironworks. Your performance is suffused with "the shimmering".
Love Kat

Mark Dowding from Canada wrote on March 21. 2002:
Hi Marianne:
Congrats on your inaugurating your new Guest Book - it seems to do everything it's supposed to do. I see someone beat me to posting the first message. I'm really looking forward to seeing your show with Bev Elliott and Gerry Barnum this evening at the IronWorks Studio in Gastown!
Have a great one...

Sonny from Canada wrote on March 20. 2002:
Hi mum, it's just me saying hi and letting you know I'm the happiest dog around! You already know how much I love you - why else do you think I follow you everywhere and wag my tail furiously whenever you leave and come back!! You take such good care of me and I have so much fun playing with you. I hope, in my great big doggie heart, that we are never parted.
woof, Sonny

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